The first online software of its kind with online spinal diagnostics. 

Web and mobile application designed for physiotherapists, physicians, rehabilitation staff and all those who care of our locomotive apparatus. - App Store - Google Play

Online diagnostics

BodyFix can evaluate and interpret spine deviations easily from the photograph. 

Online documentation

Health records, calendar for scheduled sessions, online patient communication in one place.

Online chat

Communicate with your patients easily and efficiently using online messages.

Shared documentation

Share patient’s health card with your colleagues for more effective collaboration and better patient care.

Simple administration

Simplify your work with our online software where you can find everything you need for your work.

Health records in mobile

You have an access to health cards anytime and anywhere you like. Also, give access to health data to your patients and let them see their health data. 

Online diagnostics

BodyFix can automatically evaluates and interprets spine deviations based on the photograph. BodyFix uses artificial intelligence elements and other technologies.

Easily from your home 

Online diagnostics is also available to people who download the application for free at their homes. They will be able to search for a registered expert in their neighborhood who they can contact using an online chat.

Health documentation under a control

Create a Health Card or a patient’s / client’s personal card according to your wishes. You can edit your documentation anytime, anywhere thanks to a practical mobile application. - App Store - Google Play

Shared documentation

Share your client’s health records with your colleagues to see what’s going on with your patient. Write your comments and recommendations about your colleague’s health procedures that will only be visible to them. 

Since the beginning of our idea, we have been supported by the Technical University in Košice




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